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This is a rage game. Don't play if you rage easily. However, it is possible. Every single level has been meticulously and painstakingly tested by me. I am telling you this because at one point or another you will feel like it is impossible. Just know that everyone else who has downloaded this game and even me, the developer, knows how you feel. If you are having a tough time, please visit https://reachout.com/ or call Lifeline on 13 11 14. (No not really but be warned, this game is HARD!)

This game has amazing hit detection and lots of levels. It took ages to make.


  • 20 insane levels
  • Wacky physics
  • Control a smiley face running away from some crosses
  • Music that gets annoying after a while (music by me except for practice mode and ending)
  • 1980's hit detection
  • Secrets (oooh)
  • An earrape mode button to make editing easy


  • WASD or arrows to move around
  • Enter for full-screen mode, Shift for windowed mode
  • Ctrl to pause
  • Esc to quit
  • 1, 2, 3 to toggle music in normal mode
  • Space bar to skip room and alt to go back a room in practice mode


  • Get to the end to not die and continue to the next level
  • Avoid the crosses
  • Once you start moving you cannot stop so move quickly and use your head
  • You will bounce off the walls directly


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Don't Die 117 MB

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